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Curly Nikki

Why CN Needs D.C.- Reason #3

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Why CN Needs D.C.- Reason #3
Capoeira lessons in the park! 

We went to the park for a healthy-living activity day, and walked down on Yoga and Capoeira demo stations!  Dope.  
D. C. -2
Happy Valley, PA- 0

We could only pick one and since the latter had drums and other noisy instruments, you know which one Boogie-Down chose. 
The instructor was flanked by a handful of moderately bored looking parents with a few super-eager kids, but when he asked for a volunteer to execute some of the moves, no one stepped up. *crickets*

The instructor was begging the parents to participate in order to give the kids the courage to get out there.  Hubby was egging me on, but I’m hella self-conscious around new folks and considering I don’t have rhythm AND I hadn’t had a Cosmo or two, I had no intentions of attempting to dance.  Things were getting awkward, quick, and I felt bad, like a kid in math class with no answers… I had stopped giving dude eye contact and everything (like, please don’t call on me!), and then Gia let go of my hand and walked forward!      

She hit every move, effortlessly!  Well, all but that one where she was supposed to touch the ground.  She immediately stopped the show with, ‘ewwww, muddy’.  We all laughed as they continued.  I was so proud.  I pray she retains that lack of inhibition… that confidence, that self-assurance.  But it just so happens to be that same confidence that made her respond, ‘ice cream’ to her daddy’s proposal ‘what’s it gonna be, time-out or bed time?’  Thankfully she was in the other room or she would’ve seen us laughing.  The moxie on that one.

Why CN Needs D.C.- Reason #3
Later Gators,

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