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Curly Nikki

Butterflies and Fried Chicken

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Butterflies and Fried Chicken
then this happened…
#ReasonsCNneedsDC #Number6
I’m not emotionally ready to discuss the struggle temps I endured this weekend, nor the reasons why I decided to engage in nothing but ‘open-air’ activities. We’ll just take it right to the magical-wonder pictured above.  

Yesterday, after several hours of heat exposure, Boogie and I meandered back to the car– a sweaty, outdoor mess.  I was crotchety because (1) I don’t sweat and here I was all gross and glistening, and (2) my SheaMoisture Smoothie twist-out was a travesty.  #ThanksGlycerin
Desperate to get to some AC, my tunnel vision didn’t allow for the usual fight or flight to kick in when something rudely fluttered past my head.  No matter the size or shape, when something buzzes past me, I presume it to be a wasp and I lose my damn mind (unfortunately, so does Boogie #NatureOrNuture), complete with arm flailing and running in circles. 
Not this time, tho.  Our meander came to an abrupt stop when a blue butterfly landed directly in our path. 
Butterflies and Fried Chicken
You know that mini panic attack you have when you wanna take a quick picture but your phone is tucked away in the depths of your skin-tight pants pocket, but you go for it any way because the moment lingered just long enough for you give it a try…?  Yeah, that.  
And then the mystical-enchantress slowly closed the gap, crawling toward us as we looked on in awe. It stayed looking at us too, antennae just a going.  After what felt like 2 minutes, I had knelt all the way down, trying to figure out what sorcery was keeping it from flying away.  It hung out long enough for Gia to introduce herself and for a few strangers to stop and see what in the entire hell we were looking at, and then it took flight. 
So yeah… no moral, grand conclusion or witty punchline here… just awesomeness.  Anyone got some symbolism for me? 
Butterflies and Fried Chicken
In other #WhereTheyDoThatAt news, they deliver Popeye’s here!!! Like, fried chicken and strawberry soda, to yo’ front door.  I may or may not have purchased 60 dollars worth of wings, biscuits (and jelly) and dirty rice and proceeded to eat it for dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner again.  #WhyCNneedsD.C. #AndTums #ReasonNumber7 
Butterflies and Fried Chicken
We also disrespected the finances with a nearly 50 dollar ferris wheel ride at the National Harbor.  We had fun, tho. 
Butterflies and Fried ChickenButterflies and Fried Chicken
And finally, peep the rompers… and the swan gifted from Romwe, of course. 

Butterflies and Fried ChickenButterflies and Fried Chicken

That’s all folks,

What did you end up doing this weekend?  

What does it mean to have a close encounter with a blue butterfly?! #TellMeSomethingGood

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