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Everything Ain’t for Everybody!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Everything Ain’t for Everybody!
by Toia B of LuvToBnatural

…in my effort to get the point across, you will excuse the poor grammar in the title. LOL!

I really could just stop at the title, but I feel the need to expound just a bit.

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So, here’s the thing girls. Everyone’s hair is different. I’m not just speaking in terms of mere appearance. The fact that there are different types of hair- straight, curly, coily, etc- is obvious. To help you grasp what I mean, I’ll insert an analogy from hair care pro Simeko Watkins-Hartley that explains it clearly.

“Your hair is like your fingerprint. No two are exactly the same.”

YES! The sheer makeup of hair differs from person to person. You may be at the point in your journey where you realize that even the strands of hair on your own head aren’t the same all over! That being the case, you cannot jump on every product someone else’s hair responds well to with the expectation that you will have the same exact results. If your hair happens to turn out amazing, awesome! But don’t be upset if it doesn’t.

As bloggers and vloggers, we mean well when we do product reviews. But what I appreciate about some, if not most, of the reviews I read/watch is that a disclaimer is given, either in the video itself or in the description or blog post, stating that results may vary. The reviewer is simply offering their personal opinion and you should definitely keep that in mind.

“But Vlogger X is my hair twin!”

Is there REALLY such a thing as a hair twin, a person whose hair is exactly like yours in every way?

Please see above quote. (tee-hee!) I hate to break it to you but no matter how much your hair may look like another person’s, it IS different and what works for their hair may not necessarily work for yours in the same manner. Why not? Well, there are many things to consider: differences in climate, diet, lifestyle (active or not so much), type of water in the area, genetics, overall hair care routine… need I go on?

My advice?

Keep it simple. Don’t grab every new product on the market all at once because someone says they’re great. It’s fine to test things out especially in the beginning or else, how will you find out what works for you? The key is to try a few core products with a simple routine and tweak here and there til you figure out what’s most effective. Keep in mind that even your favorite v/bloggers have also gone through some trial and error before finding their staples so don’t be discouraged. Oh, speaking of which…

When you DO find what works for you, STICK WITH IT!!

That’s all I have for now. Hope this was helpful.

Weigh in, chicas!

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