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Kim Wayans is Back On the Couch , Talking #Reckless

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Kim Wayans is Back On the Couch , Talking #Reckless
The homie, Kim Wayans, is back on the couch, y’all! This amazing talented writer, actress, comedian and producer also penned the foreword to my book, ‘Better Than Good Hair‘, and I’m proud to call her a friend.  Check out the updates to her hair story and learn about her latest TV show, Reckless, which airs on Sunday nights at 9pm.  #TuneInTho

Tell us about your current relationship with your hair? 

I’m just loving it. With each passing year, I become more and more appreciative of the uniqueness and versatility of my bush. A few months ago, I started finger combing my hair… I notice it sheds a lot less than when I use a comb.  Although, I remain open to trying new products, I pretty much have it down to a science- what works and what doesn’t work for my hair. I like to keep my routine fairly simple because there’s nothing more frustrating than taking six hours to do your hair and ending up too exhausted to do anything else but nap! Every ten days, I put my hair in four large plaits then one plait at a time, I no poo with Aubrey’s Honeysuckle conditioner, spray on some Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner by Jane Carter Solutions, then I drench my hair in a mixture of coconut & avocado oil, and seal it with Shea Butter. Every month to six weeks, I do an Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo by Morrocco Method Int’l to clarify my hair and rid it of product build up.
What is your favorite go to style?
My favorite go to style these days is something my husband dubbed “The Matador.” Basically, I put my hair in two big braids, then twirl the braid into a small bun and pull the end of the braid through the bun, no pins necessary. It’s simple and more elegant than just wearing two pigtails. Although, men love those pigtails, I gotta tell you! lol!

Kim Wayans is Back On the Couch , Talking #Reckless
How are you dealing with the summer humidity? 
That can be a problem, especially when you’re shooting a show in Charleston S.C. where the humidity knows no end. I know in some shots, I’m shining like a pork chop. All the powder in the world, couldn’t help a sista out. I mostly keep my hair in protected styles like two braids, or pulled back in a bun, swept up and rolled with a pin or two to keep the roll in place, or sometimes I pull it back and put it into an afro puff. At night, I will spray some braid sheen or put some aloe vera gel over my hair before I tie my silk scarf on — that flattens it down and keeps the frizz at bay the next day.

Tell us about your new show? 
My new show is called #Reckless. It’s a sultry legal drama that’s takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. It airs Sunday nights at 9pm on #CBS. I play a tenacious Parallegal named Vi Briggs, who has a knack for turning up case winning information. She’s smart, thinks out of the box, and has a great sense of humor.

How do you manage your hair on set? 

Since I wear my hair natural as Vi, I leave nothing up to chance. I try to come to set, with my hair camera ready. This way, my hair avoids over-manipulation and other things that can cause breakage or damage.

Please follow me @kimwayans and follow #Reckless . And be sure to tune in Sunday nights 9pm on #CBS.

 CN Says:
Let’s support Kim and tune in, on some real levels. She needs us! #CurlyGirlPowersActivate   

Kim Wayans is Back On the Couch , Talking #Reckless

Kim Wayans is Back On the Couch , Talking #Reckless
throwbacks from 2012! Look at how young my Boogie was, oh yeah, and how DOPE Kim’s hair is!

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