then this happened. 

Hola Chicas!

Monday morning we headed to Magens Bay to soak up some sun.  Gia buried anyone that would sit still, Perry paddle boarded, Dr. Daddy snorkeled and I sipped rum dranks under a palm tree.  There was also a steel drum band (finally!) and a veggie omelet situation, so you couldn’t tell me nothin’.

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And then there were three.  *tears*  Immediately following our Magens adventures, Syl and Perry had to pack it up.

They hopped a flight back home because my soon to be neuropsychologist of a sister is relocating to Minnesota in a few days!  Boogie broke out into an ugly cry as the cab pulled off, but I explained that we have to let Syl go be great.   She nodded and turnt up as soon as I suggested we head back to the beach.  This time, to Coki, for the whole fish, rice and beans and plantain… AGAIN.  It’s become something of a tradition and everyone knows us by name now!  We stayed until the sun set and headed home for a night cap.

And, I woke up like dis-


And, about an hour later, while I was sitting here blogging, Gia started yelling at me from the living room- ‘Stop sending emails, come quick! It’s beautifuuuul!’ And in order to prevent Gia from breaking down every time she hears “The Cat’s in the Cradle,” we stepped out on the balcony and there wasn’t one, but two very vivid rainbows!  Double effin’ rainbows! I’ll take it.

Let’s also talk about how we saw three shooting stars last night, another rainbow this evening and the fact that Gia magically took a long nap today!  I wonder if they sell scratch off tickets down here cause I am on fire!

Now, dinner.

Later gators,

p.s. in other news, I’m pretty sure the GEICO gecko just moved in…  we’re going to try to co-exist peacefully but in the words of 2Chainz, me and native lizards don’t get along.