Hola Chicas,
The chill.  So real, yesterday.  I basically did nothing but brush my teeth and eat left over ribs.  I snapped a few selfies usies, watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids with Boogie and an entire season of Hulu’s Misfits with Dr. Daddy.  It was a perfect Sunday, especially considering how hard I went the night before.

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Syl and Em! 

My sister, Syl, was in town this weekend for a bridal shower and blessed hubby and I with a much needed date night– basically a quiet, classy dinner where we don’t have to make inconvenient bathroom rooms or pick crayons up off the floor.  Syl, who came bearing (the random, but later, very much appreciated) gifts of ribs and cake, got in much later than expected. It was all tea talkin’ and wine sippin’ when I realized how late it was getting.  Fast forward 3 hours, and Dr. Daddy and I find ourselves at a club on V street (not U, lol).  I learned many a lesson that night, like–

1. start date night after 10pm– unexpected turn ups can and will ensue
2. eat spicy-ass gumbo and cajun fried stuff with cheese at dinner, you may be peer pressured into a tequila shot later
3. drink all the wine earlier- it’s entirely appropriate for a chill evening, but not so much for the club, plus, isn’t it ‘wine before liquor, get effed up quicker’ or nah?
4. take a tequila shot, after the wine, gumbo and fried stuff- gumbo belches are disrespectful to the taste buds

Basically, don’t do #turndown stuff early evening and then do ratchet, #turnup things later.

1. drink all the water after said tequila shot
2. dance like no one’s watching, especially when that Kevin Little song comes on

3. annoy the DJ til he plays that obscure song off that new Drake
4. drink more water
5. decline that second tequila shot, you’re not 25 anymore
6. generously tip the talkative cab driver. Even if it’s only because buzzed math is the hardest math of all. #justtakeit
7. eat ribs when you get home… to soak up the shenanigans

I woke up renewed in the spirit and thankful to have made such mature and strategic decisions. 31 isn’t the same as 25, despite the serendipitous turn up. Most of all, I’m thankful to be BFFs with my hubby. Because of that, it’s never a dull moment outcheer.

Later Gators,

The result of a last minute rinse, re-style and diffuse after the Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls fail… it was basically ecostyler.  #Day2Hurr

#ShrinkageOnAHunnid #ButILoveIt #WhoGonnaDetangleItTho

What did you get into this weekend?