If you wasn’t knowin’… #NoFlexZone

Hola Chicas,

Y’all know I’m good for turning up but there’s levels to this and if the Steve Harvey Nation taught me nothing else, it’s that I’m not as grown as I thought I was.  The Nation doesn’t turn ish up, they SHUT IT DOWN.  They shut down the Freedom Friday Party, they shut down the Awards Show, the after-party, the after-after party, hell, they shut down Atlanta.

What’s unique about the Neighborhood Awards is that it gives star treatment to celebrate everyday men and women who uplift their neighborhoods through their contributions and excellence as local business owners, religious/community leaders and educators.  This was the first time it was in ATL and the turn-out and participation was phenomenal.

I was honored to fly down to ATL to witness the behind-the-scenes awesomeness and watch Steve Harvey’s television/radio producer Rushion McDonald and his partner, Tracee, put together a great award show weekend.  It was masterful and truly inspiring.  I will be there next year and I hope you’ll join me!  #GottaGetMyRestNowTho

So without further ado…

Sheryl Underwood came backstage bearing ‘gifts’
so you know I was like, ‘where my cup’? #TheyKnooowBetter 
selfies with Kandi 

chilin’ with Holly Robinson Pete (Kandi took this pic… surreal!) 

Then this happened.  #NoFlex #Zone

Funny story.  I was sitting on the couch when RonReaco walked in.  I asked if I could snap his pic and he obliged.  He proceeded to pick up a sheet of paper and a cup and struck a pose.  Lavell Crawford who is standing just out of the frame–
 –drove him, ‘uh, n***a, did you just grab a prop?‘ Reaco said he hates taking solo pics because he doesn’t know what to do with his hands and it feels weird, and Lavell was like, ‘well it looked f’ing weird too!’ #ICannot

 I took a picture with my camera phone…you do remember!
Neyo sang Miss Independent #AndIDied 
Ricky was clownin’ in the greenroom…

The Awards Show-

Later Gators,