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Curly Nikki

For the Love of the ‘Fro- Get the Look!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!

Whether neatly patted down with every strand in place or finger-combed and slightly “undone”, the Afro will forever be a natural hair fave around these parts! Yes, I love my updos, twists and buns but I just adore the funkiness and downright FUN of wild-ish hair.

For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!
Stylist Frédérique of I Go by Frankie never fails with her effortless cloud of kinks to match her super eclectic fashion. When she throws a side part in that Afro… *swoon*. LOVE a side part!

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For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!
We can’t get enough of Afroista! Her larger-than-life, untamed Afro makes me wanna do a little dance every time I see it. Trust… photos do this mane no justice! A stunner in person. GAAAH!

For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!Regular followers of her blog may be used to a beautifully defined twist-out or high puff from our June Natural Fashionista Cynthia so this was a switch. Whether it was a twist-out-turned-Afro or what, I don’t care. Hey, with natural hair, sometimes, accidental styles are the best kind!

For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!
It seems Solange’s wedding day do caused a bit of a stir as far as the standards of “bridal hair”. Ugh! Welp, as stated in my last post, I think she looks beautiful! Who says you have to wear a sleek, carefully pinned up style for your nuptials? In true Solo fashion, this screams “I’m gonna be me!” This Afro is tastefully done and complements her fashion for the day. DO YOU BOO! 

For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!

And then there’s lil ole me! I almost never aim for a perfectly defined
twist-out or braid-out. If I do get a defined look goin’, I’m not
bothered if humidity grabs hold and turns it into chunky Afro epicness!
Blow out, twist sections, leave for 15 minutes or so. Separate, shake
and go!

A Word on Afro Care
Couple things. If you decide to wear your natural hair in an Afro, it’s a good idea to loosely twist the hair at night in medium to large sections to keep the hair from tangling. Also, cold weather is upon us, depending on where you reside. While rocking a ‘Fro is fine if you wanna, make sure you’re taking good care of those ends. Loose hair exposed to the elements, especially our hair which is already prone to dryness, is vulnerable. Protective styles after moisturizing and sealing your hair may be your best bet this season. Today, I’m just showing some love for the ‘Fro! For the Love of the 'Fro- Get the Look!

How about you?! Are you a ‘Fro rocker, a defined style kinda girl or do you prefer to keep your hair “tamed” with updos and such? Share your thoughts below chicas!

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Here’s a tutorial!

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