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Curly Nikki

Petri Dish

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Petri Dish
All Target erry’thing, a fresh Curlformer set and a dose of Children’s Tylenol and she was ready to conquer the world. #FresherThanACert

Homegirl had a fever, a runny nose and a persistent cough with ridiculous, like, mind-boggling, freakishly-high energy levels given the circumstances.  I stayed asking her how she felt (as did her doctor), to which she’d respond- ‘good!‘.  Wrestling her little furnace of a body into my bed was futile.  She wanted to play.  She wanted to dance. She wanted to sing.  She wanted to play and dance and sing with Mommy.  That, intermixed with the drone of whiny demands and incessant 4-year-old-question-asking, and I was ready to take her butt to school by lunch.

That was day one.  -__-

Petri Dish

This went on for almost a week before the preschool-petri-dish-situation jumped on Dr. Daddy who later gave it to me.  The difference was that we were laid low while she was STILL all the way live… like, volume on 10. #NoChill  Her fever broke just in time for picture day and although you can’t tell, I was doing a victory dance too.  #GetDressed #GetYoIsh #LetsGo 

Petri Dish
 she looked in the mirror with a big smile, hands on cheeks and proclaimed, ‘this is freaking me OUT!!!!’ I didn’t even inquire, lol. 

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