in the words of the great philosopher Katt Williams- “it’s the most nastiest, dirtiest, ugliest, 
most beautiful, wonderful place in all the world”. #India 

We made it! Travel time from STL to Mumbai was 24 whole hours and while I felt every bit of it, the airplane had usb ports to charge my technologies, curried meats for the hunger situation and unlimited complimentary wine for the thirsty! #WhereMyGlass

that in-flight menu, tho #Huh

After a pit-stop in Abu Dhabi,  we arrived in Mumbai around 4:20 on Saturday morning but didn’t make it to the crib til 7am due to the extra custom lines (Ebola) and general shenanigans (money exchanging, bag finding, hawker dodging, etc.)  We connected with our driver and one terrifying ride later, we arrived at the spot.  #InOnePiece #PraiseHim

Hubby snapped this pic of me backseat driving from the airport to our condo. Pretty sure I pee’d a little. Apparently riding two lanes at a time, at top speed, bumper to bumper, horns laid on, while pedestrians, motorcycles, bikes, and Tuk-Tuk’s weave in and between the chaotic mass of vehicles is how they roll.  #AndItWasOnly6am

the digs for part I of our Indian adventures

Peep the View!>>>

We’re staying in a 2 bed/2 bath condo in Bandra West (a northern suburb of Mumbai where the Bollywood folks live and play).  It’s in a neighborhood full of nothing but locals, so we are quite the spectacle.  But it’s dope because we’re fully immersed in the culture… the best foods and markets, and later, we’ll move to South Mumbai to do the touristy ish!

one of the bedrooms which has access to the balcony
that view, tho #ArabianSea #nShit
oh, and where I plan to cook absolutely nothin’

We freshened up, took a walk along the beach-community bath-laundromat (that has only the tiniest bit of sand) and walked straight into slum dog millionaire. I’ll save that experience for after I reset my sleep cycle and get over the incessant anxiety of people, cars, motorcycles, buses, and more people sharing the same damn space.  I’m talking NYC on a bad day with no side walks

heading to the Bandstand #DressedInAllBlack #StraightFromThePlane
Cop my comfy, chic sweatpants HERE!
 folks doing laundry 
and bathing
but apparently at around 8pm, the turn-up is real.  All the older folks get scarce and the street vendors, food trucks and young people show up and show out #AllTheWayLive
 Hubby told me not to move while the doggy checked me out.  See my face, tho?
 the Ghandi monies 
Later Gators,

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