I’m about 99% sure that my girlfriend Tracee has an ‘S’ on her chest.  She takes her mini-me to Disney like every year, they just did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, they’ve already seen Frozen on Ice, they run marathons for charity, hit every kiddie concert, and I’m pretty sure last summer they swam with mermaids and rode atop unicorns. #MagicalMommy  So needless to say, when she sends for you, you show up, ready to be great.  
I got a text from her a few weeks ago letting me know she was coming to D.C. for the National Harbor ICE! exhibit and that Gia and I were coming too.  The situation-
Join Frosty, everyone’s favorite snowman, and his friends on their quest
to the North Pole in a colorfully frozen retelling of this original
Christmas classic! Favorite scenes come to life in more than two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures, including two-story tall ice slides.

I don’t do ice, or cold, but I was game– Christmas is my favorite time of year, and Frosty’s my boo.  Her next text, tho– “‘I know you. Don’t dress cute… dress warm. I’m serious”.  So layers happened… and those hand warmer packets from CVS too.  I was ready.  So we get there and hand over the $65 dollars for the hour ($65 for 2 people… rude) and they hand us a mandatory parka situation to wear over our layers and coats.  I should’ve known.  We exit the lobby and walk down the hill to enter the majesticness.  As we approached, I could see what looked like dry ice billowing out of the entrance.  I also noticed the conspicuous absence of our people... again, I should’ve known! 

We walked in and it was captivating… and then the chill in the air hit my regions. #Done
It was 9 damn degrees in that building, and when Tracee and Syd decided to hit the slide line for the 3rd time, my brain shut off, my body went into survival mode and the next thing I know, I was outside thawing.  50 degrees never felt so good!  We did 7 of our allotted 60 minutes and I ain’t shame.  I got the gist.  I text messaged Tracee when we got back to the deliciously warm lobby and spent the rest of the time watching Boog ride the train.  It took 30 minutes for sensation to return to my feet and there’s still something wrong with my camera.  
she negotiated that slide so carefully… she inched down, scoot fashion, with her hands and her feet.  #PoThang
Tracee was having more fun than the kids!
y’all should’ve seen me… I never stopped power walking… I was snapping and walking trying to get to the exit! I’m surprised all the pics aren’t blurry!
‘where are our friends, mama? We left them?’ I kept telling her we’d find them soon, lol!
Gia, Syd, Tracee and LaToya! #Reunited
And since it was all about Gia on Saturday, we went to her bestie’s house for dinner!

Later Gators!


What did you get into this weekend?