Dr. Daddy, tho #HeGonGetIt
Last night, family and friends from all over the country came together to celebrate in Syl’s academic awesomeness.  We headed to the top of the city (the rooftop terrace at the Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis) to shut ish down some mo’, and it was rather EPIC.  I’m talking ‘everything possibly imaginable, cuz’ type EPIC, I mean, ‘every photo is cute’ type EPIC, or better yet, I mean ‘envious people instantly concerned’, type EPIC.

I really need to do my hurr #Day6
Gia- ‘what in the world?!’
 Uncle Billy and big Nick!
 Syl! #ToneyPhotobombing
 the fam!
Aunt Sybil and Gma Louise!
Toney and Nick!
 #DressedInAllBlack #LikeTheOmen

 The Hales!
 The Huffs!


 Daddy and his oldest brother, Bob
 Daddy with his besties
slow dancing!

 The parentals!
the cuzzos! Caitlyn, Pj and Danielle! 

 uncle Barry!
Grandma Louise!

 Dr. Daddy and his mother, Paulette #MommaWalton
Uncle Bob, Uncle Barry and Aunt Joan!
 Go DJ, that’s my DJ #CuzzoJohnJohn


 hey girl, hey!
Syl’s boo, Perry and his twin, Danielle

with the #MadHatter- Danielle! 

And now we sleep,