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Curly Nikki

How to Create an Abundant Life.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

How to Create an Abundant Life. 
CN Says: see my thoughts below… 

If you are not hit with sudden, soul-shaking waves of gratitude several times a day, then you are not paying attention to your blessings.

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Start and end the day with gratitude. Especially when times are hard and everything feels shaky. Trust that you already have everything you need.

These are just a few concepts that create an abundant life. There is more to it than just praying for blessings and waiting to receive.

I was raised to pray daily – morning, day and night, actually. But I remember always asking for God to intervene and fix something. I would wait for my prayers to be answered and if things didn’t go my way, I thought I’d done something wrong.

My approach is quite different now. I pray for strength to be resilient and see past my own understanding, trusting that my struggles are for my greater good. And when I’m feeling anything but abundant, I know that my best recourse is to uplift someone else. To use what I have to do what I can. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes we become so consumed with our own needs and problems that we think we don’t have anything left to give. But there is always more love to go around.

Even when you think that you have nothing left, give. 

Whether it’s your time, a kind word, or a sympathetic ear. Even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Even when you feel like you are being left behind and everyone is doing great things without you, bless their abundance. Eliminate from your mind any resentment of other people’s blessings. Appreciate the abundance around you, even if it is not yours. Don’t indulge for too long in thoughts about what you don’t have and what you are missing out on. Open your mind to receive abundance at any time, unexpectedly, out of nowhere. Have faith that blessings are on the way. Remember, love is patient.

Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t.

Notice the blessings all around you that you often taken for granted. Get creative and repurpose things. How can you use what you have to help someone else? Question whether you really need what you think you do. The mindset of lack can easily creep into every area of our lives whether it’s time or money or energy. So be mindful of what you say to yourself. If you constantly tell yourself that you don’t have time, then you won’t. If you tell yourself that you don’t have any money, then you won’t. Speak abundance into your life instead. Try these affirmations: “I can always make time for what matters to me. Money comes to me easily and all of my needs are being met.”

Make gratitude your default state of mind.

Say thank you for everything all the time. Say thank you with each breath you take by noticing how the hair fills your lungs and settles your nerves. Separate from the persistent need to push and do and prove and be thankful for just being.

Be grateful for any ability you have to give, no matter how small you perceive your contributions to be. Feel the joy of giving and receiving, knowing that you are creating a positive cycle in the world.

CN Says:
I LIVE THIS… for going on 2 years now, and I’m excited to share that it’s my baseline state of being.  In the early days, I used an iPhone app called ‘alarmed‘.  It would go off every hour on the hour for 16 hours a day to remind me to identify things in my life that I was grateful for… it was also a way to return to the present moment (you never leave there, you can’t, but your thoughts take you into the past (regret) or into the future (worry, anxiety, anticipation)). Alternatively, you could remember to say thank you every time you open a door in your house, get in your car, go up steps… whatever innocuous thing you do multiple times a day, tie it to remembering to remember to be thankful.  After a few weeks, it’ll be like second nature and your life will be forever changed.  #RememberToRemember

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