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Curly Nikki

I Got a Date.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I Got a Date.
#TheWashDaySituation  #OnlyItWasNighttime #AndTuesday

Hola Chicas,
I’m coming to you live from #ProcrastinationNation and it’s absolutely going down… all hands on deck.  I’m on some next level, multi-tasking ish– simultaneously blogging (hey guh!), editing, emailing, cleaning, packing, eating and henna glossin’.  And in ’bout #4FiveSeconds, I may be pinot grigio’ing.  Why all the shenaniganry for?
I got a date! 

Tomorrow morning, Gia and I are boarding the first thing smokin’ to turn up with Grandma Maxine!  We’re #Ferguson bound and I’m not sure who is more excited… momma said Gma has been asking, ‘is Nikki coming home today?‘ for nearly a week, Gia could barely sleep last night and all I want to do is lay my head in Gma’s lap, lol!

The nursing home gave us us free a few weeks ago and my parents moved her in with them! They have been working hard all day, up all night, getting her to and from doctor’s appointments and loving all on her, even when she’s spitting that hot fire.  She’s unbelievably mobile considering the circumstances, full of energy and itching to get to the casino.  Hats off to my parents for what they’re doing… I’m going to relieve them for a stint and tear up the Lou with the young lady. 
I’ll check back in soon!


p.s. Thanks for all of the Dr. Oz show love and support!  Love you guys! Here’s a link if you missed the latest one.
I Got a Date.
p.p.s. Here’s a pic of Gia’s hair this morning after removing the perm rods, french braiding and pinning it up.  #SheReady We used Giovanni Direct and a little coconut oil.  Her hair is THRIVING and she’s so, so proud, lol!  When her hair isn’t braided, it’s in two twisted pony tails or two buns.  We keep it simple and keep manipulation to a minimum (washing only once or twice a month, moisturizing every few days and rocking satin at night).  I’ll be updating her regimen (and mine) soon along with an update on our holy grail products! 
I Got a Date.

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