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I Ain’t Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

Hola Chicas!

So remember yesterday I said that when I’m planning these international excursions, the first thing I do is search for and reach out to naturals in the area.  Other than a strong desire to turn up with #OurPeople, it’s just damn smart to roll with folks that know how to navigate whatever new and strange city you might find yourself in.  That’s one of the awesome things about holding a #TeamNatural card– we’re global and we ride for each other.  
The hunt usually begins in the disaster that is my email inbox.  Lookit, tho–

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat
#TheStruggle #TooBusyToTellPeopleHowBusyIAm

Read On!>>>
I do a quick search for the destination city and sometimes, I get lucky.  The search for ‘Israel’ produced one, single, solitary email from a woman named, Hillary Sargeant ‘Fanga’ (the power within).  The problem? It had gone unanswered for more than a year. #IAinShit  In early 2014, she had sent along her latest single inspired by me and my work in the natural hair community!

Despite my shame, I responded to the email with an apology, and told her of my upcoming trip.  When I didn’t hear back from her, I wasn’t at all surprised, and I didn’t blame her.  I moved on to Google and Facebook and while I’d some content planned for y’all, I hadn’t found the crew yet.  So about a day before my departure, probably just hours before I found out we were homeless, I received an email from Hillary!  She shared that she looked forward to my upcoming arrival and that she wanted me to come out and see her sing!  So after visiting ARDC, we grabbed some dinner and headed over to the restaurant/lounge and proceeded to #TurnUp.

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat
The homies, Mercy, Virginia and Winnie! They are Kenyan citizens
that have come to Israel to study. Winnie and Virginia are newly
natural (transitioning and big chopping in the last 7 months), while
Mercy has been natural all of her life. The consensus is that Israel’s
weather and lack of products can really do a number on highly textured
tresses. I’m saying, we’re in the land of Mr. ‘hair like wool,’ and they
haven’t exactly built a plethora of beauty supply stores here in the
last 2000 years, so they are currently looking for solutions. When
asked what it’s like being Brown in Israel, Winnie said, “There are not alot of us, so I stand out… can’t say it’s a bad thing.”
I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

Meet Resa. She’s a CurlyNikki follower from way-way back and Hillary’s friend and manager.  ANd now, she’s our host, lol!  She picked us up from the condo and carried us to the restaurant to witness the greatness that is Hillary. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she moved to Israel 8 years ago which inspired her transition.  She stated, ‘I couldn’t find a hair dresser who knew what relaxing was.  Even though there’s a large Ethiopian community here, they don’t really have established salons, so I went natural by force’.  When asked what it’s like being Brown in Israel, she responded- ‘First, I love living in Israel.  It has offered me many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally and for this I will always be grateful.  Israel is typically still getting accustomed to including Brown people in their echelons so naturally, I’ve encountered some not so pleasant situations but the moment I realized those reactions were not about me, but the insecurities those individuals felt, I was able to release any negativity I felt about it.’  Resa is working as a marketing consultant for hi tech software companies here in Israel.

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat
He was entirely too turnt!  See my, hubby-please-tell-me-you’re-documenting-this-ish face?
I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat
I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat #SoCrown she is… before we rolled out Hillary said…

“You have good timing, I have something you absolutely have to see… but it’s almost 3 hours away.  Are you up for a road trip in the morning?” #TomorrowTho

Later Gators,

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat
Feeling my Diyanu skirt?  I’m giving one away!  Below, tell me what you’d like to see more of on and one person will be randomly selected to win a Diyanu skirt!  Contest closes on May 25th at 5pm est.  And as always–
I Ain't Sh*t. #SkirtGiveawayTho #RunTellDat

I’m giving away a year’s supply of Henna Sooq’s Red Raj Henna
(12, 100g boxes)! All you have to do is comment on all the Israel
related posts that have the ‘CurlyNikki WorldWide’ logo at the bottom.  On May 30th (at 5pm EST), one lucky
commenter will be randomly chosen to receive #AllTheHenna! Good luck!

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