Hola Chicas!

It’s damn near summer and you know what that means…

For the next couple of months, I’ve traded this view–

#HighLife #DCliving

for this one–

#ThisHomeTho #SoSaintLouis #WeOutHere #ASAPFerg #FergusonStrong 

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Before dipping out, we sipped tea–

 #SideEyePerfection #PinkyGameSkrong

properly turnt up the streets–

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And 13 hours later, we were in the LOU with our favorite ladies for Mother’s Day!  

So Grandma Maxine is a whole, entire trip!
I told y’all she’s dealing with a bit of dementia and she knows I stay worried.  So when we first arrived, I walked in the front door and found her standing there with a confused expression.  Before I could say anything, she asked ‘and what’s your name?’  Reading my face, knowing that I had somehow bought her Oscar-worthy performance, she immediately laughed and followed up with, ‘Hey Nikki, where’s my Gia?!’ #SheGotJokes
I’ll be checking in tomorrow… on my BIRTHDAY!!!! #GoShawty
Later Gators,