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Happier than a camel on Wednesday, tho…

Just touched down in the States! And while I’m currently dranking in all this good Boogie love, I thought I’d post a few pics that didn’t make the previous posts.  Also,  HennaSooq and I kinda dropped the ball on the giveaway situation… there were supposed to be many more… and so there shall be 🙂  I’ll be giving away more stuff this week, to include a second year long supply of Red Raj (!!!!),  3 henna gloss bars, 5 handmade shampoo bars and a Basics of Body Art Kit.  Stay tuned!

Oh yes, but today (along with the announcement of the previous winners), I’m giving away some Dead Sea Mud… direct from the Dead Sea!


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So after reading all of your comments about the Wailing Wall, I remembered that I forgot to share our pics! We were snapping with 2 different iPhones, a Cannon and a Sony on this trip so things got a bit cray. 
We went to the Wailing Wall during our tour of Jerusalem and I said a ton of prayers… for fam, friends, y’all, peace… #errythang

See my face? That was me looking for assistance in getting my prayer slip to stay in the wall so my prayer would go through, lol #LookAtAllThePrayersOnTheGroundTho
We also hit up the Dead Sea!  It’s actually a lake and it’s below sea level– at earth’s lowest elevation on land! That’s a pic of us at the ‘sea level’ mark right off the highway.  We jumped back in the car and drove for another 15 miles or so and we ended up here–
On camel back… #TourismTho #TannedMuch?
Then, here.  In my mind (which can be warped at times), I envisioned black, bubbling water, lol!  It looked like any old beach but once you stepped in, it was abundantly clear that this ish was different.  The floor was ridiculously slippery, mostly because it was made of the famous mud you use for beautifying and such.  Also, because The Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, you can’t drown… well, maybe I could, and I tried, lol, but you can’t help but float (if you relax).  It felt like trying to sink a ball in the tub…  Also, nothing lives here, definitely not fish.
We slathered up…
You have to let it dry before you rinse off, so #WaterToWine while you wait 🙂
Oh, hey Resa, boo!  She was the bestest host ever.  She let Dr. Daddy drive her car all the way to the Dead Sea and she even got in on some spa action!  That’s her little Boogie, Ofry. She’s listens in English but responds in Hebrew! #Levels
We let the mud dry and upon rinsing, revealed, plump, smooth, incredibly soft and radiant skin.  So I brought home some in a bag and bought several bags right there on the spot.  One of which, I’m giving away to you!
Dr. Daddy and Resa navigating back to Tel Aviv, through the desert… I was in the back eating cheese curls with Ofry.

 We had a whole natural hair meetup situation I forgot to tell you about…  these are two of the beauties from our lunch date! #StillGivingAwayBooksTho

 And last but not least, Hillary FANGA, cooked us a Trinidadian meal! Of all of our international travels, we had some of our most racist moments in Israel (too many to count, or recount here).  But spending quality time and breaking bread with #OurPeople (while telling crazy stories about #Folk), works as one hell of a reset button.  Thank you Resa and Hillary for taking us in and showing us your Israel. 

Later Gators,

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