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Curly Nikki

Nikki Does a B&E

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Nikki Does a B&E

Hola Chicas,

So I’m still in the Lou and we were invited to my cousin’s 70th birthday party. We went to the restaurant as a fam (my parents, Gia, Gma, Dr Daddy and I) and had a good, wholesome time. As the party drew to a close, the young peeps started looking at our watches like, ‘what’s next tho?’ I had a cousin (Cuzzo) in from out of town who also has a young kiddo… she never gets out and we both had sitter situations!  So I convinced her to join me and Dr, daddy on a double date with his bestie and Kappa brother, Eric, aka Nookie. We pre-partied a bit (I was the designated, tho) and ended up on The Landing. We walked in the most popular club on the strip and it was… dreadful.  You know how it goes–



And after making a request for Future or Drake and being told, ‘I’m sorry but I was told to refrain from playing that kinda music by management’,
we bounced. We went back to the car and engaged in a good ole’ fashioned
parking lot turn up.
Nikki Does a B&ENookie, Cuzzo and Dr. Daddy
 Nikki Does a B&E
Nikki Does a B&E

With f up some commas blasting from our speakers we of course attracted a few folks that
wanted to partake in the ratchetness. One couple was hella cool, danced a bit, talked ish and asked where we were
headed to next. 
 Nikki Does a B&E
Meet New Friend #1 (blue shirt) and New Friend #2 (gettin’ it in the dress).  Apparently they were new friends as well, as they had just met at the last club and decided to go home together. #ButThatAintNoneOfMyBuisness
We were going to the same place (the east side- East
Saint…  #Oz #Trouble) so we decided to mob…  trailing their red Challenger across the river. We arrived safe and
sound and parked side by side.  Cuzzo had to pee terribly so the two of us
bailed out of the car, but before we could made a bee-line for Oz, New Friend #2, riding shotgun in the red Challenger, needed help getting her strappy, knee-high stiletto boots back on (her ridiculously swollen feets, lol).  I attempted to stuff them joints back in, but it was not happening, so Cuzzo and I ran
for the club while Dr. Daddy, Nookie and New Friend #1 stayed behind to help New Friend #2 get right.

Fast forward an hour into the turn up and Dr. Daddy looks to me and says- ‘you got the keys right… and my phone?’  He
knew I didn’t have that damn shit. And that’s when he remembered that
he put them down in New Friend #2’s seat while he tried to help her strap her
shoes back on. While Cuzzo and I whipped and nae nae’ed our way through the club looking for the new friends,  Dr. Daddy poked his head outside and saw a red sports car still parked next to ours.  ScoobyDoo style, we split up and searched the entire club with no luck.  Finally, Nookie heads outside to see if they were in the car and he comes in with a slow walk with his head leaned to the side, like he had just lost a bunch of money at the casino, and he says, ‘they gone, sis’.  

Apparently that red sports car parked next to our car was a Mustang… not the Challenger.

That’s when we realized that we didn’t know these people at all.   All I knew was that New Friend #1 drove a red Challenger with ‘big ass
rims’ and was wearing a red shirt (he wasn’t tho… I’d make a terrible
eye witness).  We didn’t know their names, their phone numbers, where they were from or where they were headed.  As a matter of fact, they didn’t even know each other! #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness


The whole crew (Dr. Daddy, Nookie, Cuzzo and I) are all on that enlightenment tip so instead of panicking we enjoyed the adventure.  As we saw it, we had two options… get mad and go home believing that our keys, car and new iPhone 6 belonged to St. Louis now… OR, to #RememberToRemember, calmly problem solve and continue the turn up.   We chose the latter. 
I called Dr. Daddy’s phone 50 times with no response. That’s when Nookie
reminded Dr. Daddy about that iPhone tracking app.  Dr. Daddy had just lost a new iPhone 6 last weekend at a hooka bar (St. Louis has it now) so this time, he knew to cut that GPS on. We tracked the phone to a popular club strip in St. Louis, on the
Missouri side… across the river.  So we hailed a cab (not an easy feat in East Saint) and told him to take us to the little blue dot where the phone was.  And there sat New Friend #1’s car. Parked and locked with Dr. Daddy’s phone right there on the seat, posted up next to our keys. New Friends were no where to be found, tho.  
After a quick walk down the block (hoping to run into them), a call to the cops (absolutely no
help) and YouTube searches of how to break into a locked car, I called a LockSmith.  I shared, ‘Hello, I need some assistance getting into a car to get my keys and phone…’  I didn’t, however, share that it wasn’t MY car, lol.  He said it would be 100 dollars and that it would take him 45 minutes to get to us.


So we waited, talked ish with passerbys on the street, and laughed about our Hangover-esque shenanigans that somehow only happen to us.   Just before the LockSmith drove up, Dr. Daddy and Nookie told Cuzzo and I to call a cab and wait for them around the block.  We were pretty sure that what we were about to execute wasn’t completely legal, so we needed a get-a-way cab and Cuzzo and I wanted no involvement.   We hid behind a restaurant patio wall and within moments heard the Challenger’s car alarm sounding off.  I text messaged Nookie and he confirmed that the mission was accomplished, money was exchanged, the personal effects had been retrieved and they had locked his car back and left this note–

“Dear New Friends, 

We had to go in your car to get my phone and keys. Didn’t even break the window.  You’re welcome.

Dr. Daddy and Nookie swooped us (laughing at our scary butts crouched down behind a brick patio wall), we hopped in the cab and headed back across the river to the East Side.  But it was 5am and the club was closing.  The one next door wasn’t tho, so we popped in for a dance or two and then headed home, triumphant.  I walked in the door at 7am. #AnotherOneForTheBooks
Moral of the story…don’t leave valuables in plain sight, because apparently LockSmiths give no shits. #NoNewFriendsEither

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