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Tips for Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized in the Summer Heat

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tips for Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized in the Summer Heat

Summer is one of the best times of the year.

A time to explore, travel, and soak up the sun. All of that sounds nice, but the same can’t be said for your hair. Harsh sun rays damage hair, dry it out and can even fade your color. That’s why when summer comes around, it’s time to revisit (and revamp) your hair routine. Higher humidity levels and temperatures suck the moisture out of the hair. Because summer conditions differ so much from winter conditions for example, the products used should be modified in order to support healthy moisture levels during that time.

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Water-based products
Lighter, water-based moisturizers are my go-to for the summer. In the colder months, hair butters are my friend. But now, the moisture in my hair is more easily sucked out of my hair and can work against me by causing dryness. Not only that, the sun is hot and hair butter will only work to suffocate my hair.

As I Am Moisture Milk is a great light, water-based moisturizer. After one day in the summer heat, my wash and go can easily become parched.

Air drying
It’s hot enough that I need not pull out the blow dryer to speed the process along. For me, diffusing rather than air-drying leaves my hair all the more dry at the end of the day. If I air dry the problem is not as severe.

Morning and nighttime moisturizing routine
In the morning, I take my hair down, lightly spritz once again and let it air out and gain its body once again. I access the moisture level and if needed I will smooth down and refresh my wash and go using just the As I Am Moisture Milk, about a dime size to each side of my head.

At night, I lightly spritz my hair and apply the As I Am Moisture Milk. It is light but moisturizing. It also mixes well with the styling products I use. I apply about a nickel sized amount to each side of my head. Once that’s done, I pineapple or place in a high bun.

Whatever you choose to use to moisturize your curls this summer, make sure that it’s light and water based so that your hair does not get suffocated but still maintains its moisture. Here are some things to remember.

Things to remember

  • In the summer, your hair needs to breath so use lighter water based hair products.
  • Spritz and re-moisturize as needed (night/morning).
  • If one product is not keeping your hair moisturized enough, try layering with another for extra moisture and protection from the elements.
  • UV rays are harsh so protective styles are great during the summer to cover your fragile ends.
  • Lastly, remember that everyone’s hair is different but try to avoid very heavy products such as hair butters because they will make it hard for your hair to breath.
How do you keep your hair moisturized in the summer?

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