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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 2021No Comments

I used to tell myself to be patient.

I’d say, “Your turn is coming. Blessings are on the way.”

This mindset kept me envying other people’s ‘turns’ and overlooking today, in favor of some tomorrow. 

Patience is important but it’s more than simply waiting for results, resolutions, blessings or anything else. It’s about seeing the goodness right in front of you and being grateful in the moment.

Even when you are uncomfortable. Even when you are uncertain and scared, nervous about what will happen next. Even when you are working hard and stretching yourself to fulfill a dream.

Be patient by embracing the journey for the growth and the love. Not for bragging rights or proof of your worth. Be willing to experience everything your journey has to offer and don’t try to skip the lessons that life brings you.

Without patience, you’re always unsatisfied, focused on lack, waiting for the next thing. Without patience, you spend your whole life missing your greatest blessing, which is the journey itself.

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