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Gia’s Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen
School Picture Day #NailedIt #BraidNCurlPonyGreatness #TarjayOutfitters

Hola Chicas!

Today is ‘school picture day’ and despite the disrespectfully damp conditions here in the District, I let her rock out with her hurr out. And I was feeling pretty good about that decision until I got word from a concerned (and obviously more well-informed) mommy friend that the photos were taking place OUTSIDE.  Like, outdoors… in all the misty, foggy water droplets.   I’m sure her braid-n-curl pony will quickly morph into a braid-n-puff, but you know how that ish go. #NaturalHairWoes #WhoGonDetangleItTho

 If you’ll recall, I washed Gia’s hair on Sunday.  So how did we go from this–

Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen

to this?

Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen

Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen
Once a month, after a 15 minute coconut oil pre-poo, I wash Boogie’s hair (in 2 sections- right and left) in the kitchen sink with either Trader Joe’s or Giovanni’s Tea Tree Shampoo.  I follow up with a ton of Aussie Moist Conditioner and gently finger detangle before going through once with my seamless, wooden, wide-tooth comb. It’s super gentle on her hair and it’s cute too, lol.  #AestheticallyPleasingHairToolsForTheWin
I rinse thoroughly and apply a hefty amount of Giovanni Direct Leave-In throughout her length and a little Amla Oil on the ends.  I then install hella curlformers to stretch her hair (smoothing each small section with my Bass wooden brush before installing the roller).  I do small sections so that her hair dries faster.  As long as we start at like 9am, she’s dry by 8pm… earlier, if she’ll sit under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes or so.  But the time commitment is worth it because her stretched hair (which is easier to style) will last 3-4 weeks depending on the styles we opt for during the week, and how well I maintain it at night.   It takes me 1.5 hours to wash, condition, detangle and install the rollers. 
Later that night, after I take out the curlformers, I immediately french braid her hair and tie it down with a headscarf.  
Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen
 On regular school days, she wears two french braids, or two twisted pony tails, like this–
 Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen
buns, when I’m feeling lazy–

Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen

or 2-4 braids/plaits and a headband.  Since the styles are so basic, I always dress them up with super cute headbands and bows.  I keep her ponies and buns loose to protect her ends as well.  I also switch up her part from time to time to prevent over manipulation. 
On special occassions, like today, we rock out and hope for the best!  
Gia's Crown- A Basic Natural Hair Care Regimen
To keep her hair happy between wash days, I plait her hair up every, single night (2-3 plaits).  I then apply a little raw shea butter to her edges to keep them laid and a little raw shea butter or organic amla oil on her ends and length while I braid for lubrication, nourishment and shine. She sleeps in her satin bonnet every night and due to the way it’s made, it rarely comes off!  If her ends get super dry (they usually don’t), I’ll spritz her hair with a leave-in like Oyin’s Juices and Berries before applying the oil.  However, I usually don’t have to re-apply ‘wet’ products to her hair until wash day.  Keeping her hair detangled and lubricated makes my morning routine easier and the next wash day is a breeze (cause that joint is already detangled!)

For her school pic day look, I kept her fresh curlformer set in 2 french braids on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (this kept the hair smooth and detangled).  Last night, I made 4 braids (two up front and two in the back) using a little raw shea butter to help set the texture.  I then spritzed the ends with Cream of Nature’s Argan Oil spray leave-in and applied a little of their setting foam before rolling the last 2 inches of each braid on a flexi rod.  I tied down with a scarf and released this morning before pulling it up into a loose, high ponytail.  Easy peasey 🙂 

Later Gators,

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