This was my first weekend in the District in hella and it ranged from complete and utter shenanigans to #NetflixAndChill (I’m 24 episodes into Once Upon A Time and it’s got me gathering the remnants of my life!).  I also watched (and made Gia watch) The Witches and Hocus Pocus for nostalgia . And now that these here bite-sized BabyRuths and bottles of red wine are wearing off, I do believe I owe y’all catch-up 🙂

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I spent a couple of hours volunteering at Gia’s school for their Halloween Parade.  Her #DivasaurusRex costume went so hard that…

She won first place in her age category at the neighborhood Halloween Block Party later that evening! During the 30 minute convening of the judges, she kept asking, ‘mommy, did I win yet?’ #NoDoubt #SecondYearInARow

I blew out and lightly flat ironed my hair in 2 hours flat!  I was motivated by the memories of once a month styling, easy detangling sessions and chic-ass buns (this time last year). I love my perm rod fro-hawk situation but it’s a beast to detangle.  This is a much needed respite. 
 For fluffy-luxuriousness, I create 3 big bantu knots at night and tie down the edges with a scarf.  I keep the ends happy with raw shea butter!
Boogie and the besties! We trick or treated in the building first (the kids chastised the neighbors while we sipped wine and talked shit) and then hit the block.


I was on a roll so I prepped Gia for her #SchoolPictureDaySlay ! 
 I washed, conditioned and detangled her hurr and set it in curlformers using Giovanni Direct Leave-in.   I use raw shea butter on her ends as well.  I’ve learned that the simpler the routine and products, the more our hair appreciates us.  

Later gators!

How was your weekend?!