#OPI #LincolnParkAfterDark #NaturalNails
Hola Chicas, 
Checking in on this lovely Saturday morn…

1.  So I got my nails did yesterday… thought I’d switch it up. They look black in most lighting conditions and between the vampy color and the weapon-like shape, Dr. Daddy is officially creeped the hell out.

#PrettyPleaseWithCoconutOilOnTop #ForSeriousTho 
I’ve reached that critical stage in my routine wherein if I don’t wash it next week, my ‘natural hair blogger’ card may be permanently revoked. #Eh
3.   I have to take Boogie to a party today. Anyone else hate going to other kids’ birthday parties?  There’s one like every weekend… I go because I want them to come to hers.  #Turrible #NikLoveDaKids #NotTrynaPartyTho
4. So my sister turned 29 today, and while I’m clearly not in MN to help her tear shit down, we will most certainly turn up in the most epic of ways in May for that thurr Bachelorette party!  #GoBestFriend #ThatsMyBestFriend #YouBetta 

Later Gators,

What you on this weekend?