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Curly Nikki

How I Get ‘Day 3’ Volume on ‘Day 1’ – Natural Hair Essentials

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How I Get 'Day 3' Volume on 'Day 1' - Natural Hair Essentials
Using my favorite blow dryer in a new way!


Hola Chica!

The next time you want big ass ‘day 3’ hair on ‘day 1’, use this dryer to fluff your roots! I usually have to over-fluff my freshly set hair by separating curls, massaging and picking my roots to hide parts and then finally blasting the roots with my blow dryer’s air concentrator (on warm) to stretch the length for extra hang time and volume. Sometimes the results were dope, sometimes… just frizz.

The other day after a rod set, I remembered my trusty Andis dryer (that I always use for blow outs) and realized it was a pick, blow dryer and air concentrator in one! I focused on the top and crown (just the first inch of the roots) and ended up with huge, awesomeness on day 1. 
Later Gators!

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