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Curly Nikki

It’s Already Yours. #LevelUp

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
It's Already Yours. #LevelUp

The reason you feel bad, frustrated or generally stuck in life is not because you haven’t reached your goal yet.  It’s because the larger part of you (the ‘I am’, aka everything that ever was, is and will be) already has it, is it, and is simply waiting on you to realize it! “If life caused you to want something, it’s already yours”.- Abraham Hicks

The moment you ask, it’s yours. You don’t even have to ask, actually… but we like to, ’cause it makes us feel like we’re doing something 🙂

It’s ‘ask and it’s given‘… ‘not ask, figure out how you’re gonna do it and it’s given’, or ‘ask, check and make sure your friends and family are okay with you doing it and it’s given’*.  If it already exists, and it’s already yours, do you need to know how it’s going to happen? Your work is just to realize that it’s yours, and rest in the faith and knowledge that it’s here now, even though you can’t hear it or see it yet… but you can certainly feel it, on the inside, in the form of those good feels.  That’s the only proof you need.  The dope part is that once you come to rest (and trust) more and more in those good feels, the more your actions will be divinely inspired… the work ‘needed’ to see things through to fruition won’t feel like work at all!

Remember that God wouldn’t give you a dream that you couldn’t achieve. You have never conceived of or imagined anything that you couldn’t bring to fruition (the dream was given to you by God/Consciousness, your imagination is God/Consciousness!).  It’s up to you to find the courage and the passion to see it through. It’s up to you to have more faith than fear. And when you choose faith, confidence and good feels, you’ll realize the kingdom is yours (it’s always been within you) and everything you want and need will be added onto you. #LevelUp

Later Gators,

*Abraham Hicks

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