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Curly Nikki

Let it Burn.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Let it Burn.

Hola Chica!

This is not about stopping thought.

This is not about swapping positive thoughts for negative ones.

That shit’s hard.  Impossible, really.  What I’m suggesting is the easy route. The short-cut (remember our destination is always from A to A) to inner peace for outer abundance.

Just like hater’s gon’ hate, thinking’s gon’ think.  It’s what it does (it’s just an automatic, conditioned mechanism) and it has absolutely nothing to do with You.  Your job is to notice that you aren’t the thinker. You are not the thinker of thoughts.   ‘Cause if you were, your thoughts would be positive all damn day AND you’d know what your next thought is gonna be.  But they aren’t and you don’t.  So with that knowledge, you can stop beating yourself up for not being ‘strong-willed’ enough to silence or resist thoughts.   ‘Cause after all, we don’t suffer from what we think, we suffer from what we believe.  And in this particular case, you suffer from belief in the thought that you should be able to control thinking.  But you can’t, tho.  Do you see the lunacy?! #ThinkingIsSlickAF

Let it Burn.

So the next time the thought arises that your dream is too big, or there’s no way you’re good enough to land that promotion, smile, and say, ‘thinking’s gon’ think’.  You don’t have to believe or buy into anything thought says!  Isn’t that liberating?!  Becoming indifferent toward thought will result in fewer thoughts that gradually become less ‘negative’.  You can’t actively ‘do’ anything to lessen or sweeten up thinking, but by simply becoming indifferent towards them, noticing the silence that’s already there between, throughout, underneath, before and after every thought and choosing to place your attention on your natural good feels (instead of watching thoughts), your inner world will become peaceful.  And of course, the side effect of peaceful innards is a peaceful, outer world to match. #Mirror

Later Gator,

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