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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 2021No Comments
#Savage #IWasGlampingTho 
This is the story of Savage Curly. 

Savage Curly is in the for real woods with nothing but a teeny tiny flame.  
Savage Curly is unbothered by bills. She isn’t thinking about who came for who and how so and so clapped back.  Her whole, entire attention is on keeping that flame lit.  Everything else is secondary.  So secondary, that it might as well be non-existent entirely! Savage Curly is about her light.  #RatchetStoryTimeWithNik

That’s how you have to be.  You have to remember to remember that real happiness, your light, is all that matters. It must be your primary concern, because when it isn’t, thoughts multiply, circumstances look ‘real’ and ‘scary’ and you react instead of responding.

In every moment, you have the choice of where to place your attention.  So be about your light like Idris needs a cigarette and you’ve got the only light for 500 miles. Keep that bish lit like Rick James at a Wiz Khalifa concert.   Keep it lit like your life depends on it and then your life will unfold beautifully, effortlessly. I promise.  
Later Gators, 
p.s. Be about your light and eventually you’ll see that you’ve been running on the sun all along.  You are the source of everything.  You are THE light, my dear.  #StayWoke  

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