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The Secret to Living the Life You Want to Live

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Secret to Living the Life You Want to Live
birds flying high, you know how I feel- Nina Simone #RioAgain
Hola Chicas,
I talk to a lot of readers offline and in emails about their goals and good stuff they want to see manifest in their lives.  And while everyone’s journey is different,  there’s one thing that most (like 99.99%) of the successfully ‘un-stuck’ people have in common.  It’s a simple, yet necessary shift in perspective, that will begin to bring even your longest held dreams into view.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t say it often enough, which is why I’m setting it down right here as another gentle reminder to you–

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33

Instead of approaching life from the perspective of ‘how can I get something to feel better?’  How ’bout you try, ‘how can I feel better in order to manifest everything amazing?”  It’s that simple.  Just focus on aligning and healing your internal experience, instead of that new car or promotion, and everything will fall into place.  Everything. 
Remember, you don’t become (or get) what you want. You become who and what you are.  The ‘inside’ of you is reflected ‘out there’, and just as you wouldn’t frown in a mirror and expect the reflection to smile, you cannot be feeling impatient, needy or frustrated and expect anything other than frustration-inducing situations to show up.  Give yourself permission to smile now, to be free now, to be peaceful now (even though your freedom hasn’t shown up yet) and watch what happens.  You’ll be amazed! 
An easy practice for this is to remember throughout the day to check-in with yourself.  Think of your moods as TV channels.  Your current life situation, with your ‘frustrated, generally annoyed and anxious self’ is channel 1.   Your ‘happy, fulfilled, relaxed, joyful-for-no-reason self’ is on channel 2.  I can’t tell you what all you’ll see on channel 2, but it will definitely be people, places and things to reinforce that smile of yours.  So, during the day, as often as you can remember (at least once an hour for a minute or two), ask yourself, ‘what channel am I on?’  And if it’s channel 1, simply switch to channel 2.  It’s that easy.  Results are immediate.   Don’t know how to feel better? Read here and here.

So how can you live the life you want to live? Stop waiting and think, be, feel and see as her, right now.  

Later Gators, 

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