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Curly Nikki

Ultralight Beamin’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Ultralight Beamin'

Hola Chica,

Last night you had a dream.

You found yourself at a window table in a cafe with your bestie.  You sipped tea, nibbled pastries and gossiped about your old college roommate who had recently posted pics from her entirely ratchet wedding ceremony for all of social media to consume.  As you scrolled through your feed, bestie shared a laugh with the cute waiter, y’all paid, hopped in an Uber and went to your apartment.  

When you woke up this morning, you realized that it was ‘just a dream’ and that you hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything.  But don’t forget, while you were dreaming, before you WOKE up, it all seemed very, very convincing–

In the dream, you had a dream body that could feel your dream phone as you scrolled through the dream pictures.  Your dream tongue tasted the dream tea and dream pastry.  There were dream tables, chairs, cups, silverware, walls… all of which appeared very solid and real.  For instance if you’d stubbed your dream toe on the leg of the dream table, you’d dream cuss.

Your dream eyes admired the view from the window– the blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, the tall, old oak trees, the bright sun, the cars and pedestrians, all going about their business.  There were other dream folk in the restaurant too– like the cute waiter and your bestie, who seemed to have their own thoughts and opinions… their own consciousness.  For example, you didn’t know what your bestie would say next or what the waiter would say to her, or even what he would do when he got off work.  Then you guys hopped in a dream Uber and traveled through space and time to end up at your apartment.

But the thing is, you created that entire experience, right there, in your bed, in your room, in ‘your mind’.  You created a cafe, old ass trees (that looked like they’d been there for centuries, long before you arrived on the scene), and cute, free-willed waiters.  You created time and space for your dream body to travel through.  But all of that took place right there, ‘in your mind’, in your room, and was made up of one thing, consciousness.  Every object in the dream had the same essence– the trees, the bestie, your dream body, the tea… only consciousness appearing AS different objects.  And while you were dreaming, it felt real.  It felt like there were lots of things going on, most of which you had no control over.  Most of which must have existed before you and your friend arrived at the cafe.  And if a dream CurlyNikki would’ve strutted into that cafe and walked right up to you and said, ‘bish, wake up, this a dream!’ You would’ve thought she had lost her whole entire mind.

So ask yourself, is it possible that Consciousness is dreaming this moment right here, right now?  There’s only one thing going on and You are it. You just forgot.

Stay Woke,

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