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Do THIS for a Healthier Scalp!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Do THIS for a Healthier Scalp!
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The importance of a beautiful, healthy scalp is often times overlooked. The scalp is the breeding ground, if you will, of the hair follicle. If the breeding ground is damaged the follicle and the strands of hair that it produces will be too. Here are a few suggestions to make sure that your scalp is healthy, happy and itch-free!



Sometimes we need a good exfoliation to help relieve our scalps of dead skin cells, product buildup and other gunk.

Option 1:

If your hair doesn’t tangle too much, a scrub of brown sugar and olive oil might be just what is needed. Alternatively uncooked quinoa and olive oil could also be used if you don’t like the idea of using sugar to exfoliate. Apply the mixture to the scalp and while holding hair taut, massage it into the exposed scalp area. Be sure to section off any other areas of hair that are not yet being addressed so as to minimize tangles. Continue this procedure until the entire head is done, then rinse and cleanse thoroughly.

Option 2:

For hair that tangles easily the use of a rice water rinse may be a better option. Used as a cleanser or as a rinse, the fermented rice water may act as a mild exfoliant that refreshes and invigorates the scalp. I must say that after trying Ariane’s suggestion regarding this particular rinse, I too, like her, was blown away. I now am a die hard fan of the stuff! My hair tangled much less during the cleansing process AND my scalp felt fresh and renewed – like it was able to breathe more!

Option 3:

Another great option is a fresh lemon juice rinse. Aim to use only fresh lemons – they contain live enzymes that bottles of lemon juice don’t – and the acid that they contain is a natural exfoliant. Once added to two cups of water, the juice of one or two lemons dramatically refreshes and gently exfoliates the scalp. Leave on for five or ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Always dilute lemon juice as suggested with water, used on its own it is way too potent for your scalp and will cause agitation.


Aloe Vera liquid, avocado oil and coconut oil are all great ways to give your scalp some lubrication. Apply lightly to avoid buildup. If you suffer from itchy scalp try tea tree oil or rosemary diluted in a light carrier oil like sweet almond.


Closely investigate ingredient labels. If the top ingredients are items that you are unfamiliar with research them or better yet avoid them. Opt for products that contain mostly water, pure oils, herbs and other nourishing ingredients. A scalp that has a proper moisture level and PH level is more likely to produce healthy hair. Be discriminating when it comes to picking your hair products and eliminate itchies altogether!


Avoid using fingernails to scratch your scalp. Nails can be razor sharp and can damage delicate strands of hair. Another negative is the fact that fingernails transfer germs to the scalp potentially causing infection. So for a healthy scalp, it’s best not to scratch – but if you do, use only a rat-tail comb or the pads of your fingers if you are going to use your hands.

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