Hola Chicas!
It’s Monday morning and last week I promised you more pics and deets on this new cut by @shirleyghautehair.  Below you’ll find pics of it wet, and shots taken up close from the side and the back.  I’m absolutely loving the effortless dopeness of the shape and volume.


This is soaking wet, naked hair right out of the shower (after co-washing with Aussie Moist) on Saturday afternoon. I immediately put a t-shirt on it to soak up the drippies and then created 8 flat twists on my damp hair using Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls.  I used a pea-sized amount of Pillow Soft for each flat twist.   Remember– for thin, fine hair, styling damp and using minimal product serves all kinds of big fluffiness!  I then secured each flat twist with a bobby pin at the point where it went from a flat twist to a two strand twist (to keep the flat twist taught and to keep the twist from unraveling).  I finger twirled the ends. 
And here we are 3 hours later, celebrating my friend Janay!
(I sat under the bonnet dryer for an hour, took down the twists, dried some more and fluffed.  I then switched the part from the right to the left to create volume on top.)
She married her bestie in an intimate ceremony and then turnt up with close friends and fam.  Her natural hair is blown out and curled using steam rollers (caruso).  GORGEOUS! 
My hair this morning, Monday, after sleeping on it Saturday and Sunday night.  I sleep in a regular granny bonnet, curls undisturbed, un-pineappled, just out, under the bonnet.  In the a.m. I apply a little Ouidad Mongongo Oil for shine and softness. 
The back!  This is basically a wedge cut, or an angled, tapered bob (cut at a 45 degree angle with the shortest layer at my neck/nape– the layers gradually get longer as you move up to the crown) that she cut while dry and straightened. The nape hair is so short I can barely twist it!  It adds bulk, volume and movement to my thin hair because it all appears to be the same length.  I absolutely love it!  I plan to rock it both straight and curly, focusing on damp flat-twist outs and two strand twist-outs.  I don’t really have any holy grail styling products at the moment, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!