waiting for the situation to dry… and yes, that’s plastic wrap on the bump! 

Hola Chicas!
The lovely Khadija of @hennasooq came through the spot to bless this belly, today! I’ve been wanting to get some shots of the bump and when she reached out to offer the gift of a Blessing Way, I jumped at the chance!  She freehanded both designs #LikeABoss and somehow managed to keep a steady hand throughout all of his kicking!  The whole process took about 2 hours and I would absolutely do it again! So relaxing!  She used pure, body art quality henna, laced with lavender oil and told me that in two days it will fully oxidize, reaching its most intense color.  I’m blessed and highly melanated, but I’m going to do my best to capture the stain once all of the mud falls away.  I’ll check back in soon!


p.s. hair is a caruso set from 4 days ago! Gonna re-do tomorrow, I guess, lol…  Lippie is Icon by Hour Glass from Sephora.  It’s hands down my all tie favorite lip stain.  It doesn’t come off, like ever, until you decide to remove it!

p.p.s. she also came thru with 6 boxes of that Red Raj! #ReUp

p.p.p.s.  24 hours later…