I’m 6.5 months and feeling amazing. 

And since this will most likely be my last pregnancy, I’m all up in the moment, relishing every single kick and every sweet gesture from Dr. Daddy. Including these pics he shot of me yesterday afternoon (with his lighting assistant, Boogie), before I proceeded to eat a whole entire loaf of homemade (not in my home, tho) pumpkin spice bread and catch up on West World. Life is good.

Dr. Daddy has a way of capturing me like no one else can. A friend of ours once said that he shows the world how he sees me.  

Blazer- Zara
LipICON by HourGlass (sephora) 
Henna design- HennaSooq‘s very own, Khadija
Gold Chain- from our trip to India!
Rings- Diamonds Direct in VA and Grandma Maxine