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5 Changes You Should Make to Your Diet for Healthy Hair and Body

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Changes You Should Make to Your Diet for Healthy Hair and Body
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Healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t just happen. It takes concerted effort on your part to inform yourself about healthy choices, and it also requires firm determination to be able to follow through with making the necessary changes that will result in benefits. And interestingly enough, many of the nutrients that benefit hair also contribute to beautiful skin and a healthy body. So what are some healthy choices that can make your hair, mind and body healthier and happier?

1. Eat fewer processed foods and opt for foods that are closer to their natural state.I don’t mean raw – that’s a really good idea, but you don’t have to go that far. What I’m referring to is food that has been minimally or not at all processed by means of chemical additives and preservatives. For example, instead of reaching for that bag of chips that has MSG, “natural flavors” and other additives as well as large amounts of sodium and trans fats, opt for the bag of chips that contains only potatoes, sunflower oil, and and has a low sodium content. Of course, this means paying very close attention to nutrition labels and product packaging. But a small change like this one will protect your heart, lower blood pressure, and ensure that your hair and body experience improved hydration.

2. Drink lots – and I do mean lots – of water.
There’s simply no substitute for it, so drink as much of it as you can; 6 to 8 glasses a day is a pretty good amount. The benefits? Increased water results in hair and skin that are adequately moisturized, and it flushes out toxins that daily invade our bodies. If you’re not a big fan of water on its own, why not consider drinking herbal teas like peppermint, spearmint or chamomile? They are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that your hair and body will love, and it’ll add a little flavor to your water. The hydration benefits of the water will be completely unaffected, and you’ll be hydrating your hair, mind and body while enjoying a calming moment of relaxation.

3. Eat a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.
Again, the operative word is balanced, meaning in the proper ratio or proportion. Unrefined carbohydrates are excellent, but veggies and proteins should constitute the larger portion of your daily diet.

4. Lower caffeine intake.

Caffeine is not all bad as long as it’s consumed in moderation. Obviously, too much caffeine can interfere with rest and sleeping patterns, and we all know that we do need our beauty sleep. So be sure to monitor the amounts of caffeine that you consume.

5. Reject trans fats in favor of healthier options like olive oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil for cooking purposes.   These oils are full of vitamin E and other nutrients that your body will simply love. A small transition in favor of one of these oils may seem inconsequential, but your heart, your hair and waistline will thank you for it later.

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