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Winter Hair Tips

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Winter Hair Tips
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by Mary Wolff

We all know heat is the natural enemy of curly girls everywhere making summer an almost dreaded time of year. But what about winter? Winter is a time when the air naturally dries out and becomes colder. Hair in the winter is more likely to become dry from the lack of moisture in the air. A lack of moisture leads to overall dryness, not to mention raised cuticles and frizz, and this all leads to brittle, breakable strands.  So how do you make sure your curls stay moisturized and healthy during those chilly months? When it comes to making sure those curls stay gorgeous all year round, here are a few of my favorite winter hair tips.


  • Use an oil treatment at least once a week. The dry winter wind and icy temperatures can leave your hair feeling extra dry this winter. Put an end to it by making your own at-home oil treatment. The type of oil is usually the base of the recipe. You can use castor oil which is great for moisturizing dry, brittle hair because it is thick, jojoba oil which is great for dealing with a dry scalp while moisturizing strands, or olive oil which is ideal for treating brittle hair while giving it healthy fat to seal in moisture. There are other oils you can use, but these three are a good starting point in protecting your hair for winter. Once you have chosen your base for the oil treatment, you can use just the oil or add in other ingredients such as vitamin E capsules or tea extracts for an added boost. The easiest way to heat your oil is to boil a pan of hot water and place your bottle of oil into the water once you have removed it from the burner. Always make sure you are being careful to safeguard against burns when heating oil. Test the oil on your wrist before applying to make sure it is warm but not too hot to use. Apply the oil to hair in sections, massage the scalp to make sure oils are distributed, put on a plastic cap, and rinse out after about 30 minutes. 
  • Use plenty of conditioner! Now is not the time to get skimpy with the conditioner. Some even suggest doubling up on conditioner during the colder months, but that is a personal matter. If your hair seems like it’s in good shape, it is up to you. I like leave-ins and masks with natural emollients like TGIN Honey Hair Mask or Alikay Naturals Avocado Moisture Repairing Mask.  No matter what product you choose, you want to make sure it is rich in moisture with water as the first ingredient or at least one of the main ingredients. 
  • Let the steam in. Ditch the shower cap. Winter time and wet hair in the morning are a recipe for unhappiness. Believe me, I know. But hear me out. As long as you aren’t planning on washing your curls that morning, the shower cap is actually getting in the way of some great steam. One of my favorite winter hair tips is to lose the shower caps on mornings when you aren’t washing your hair to let the steam give your hair a little steam therapy. 
  • Protective styles are your friend. If you want to really make sure your strands aren’t under attack this winter, there are a ton of protective styles to make your holidays merry and bright without wrecking your hair. Check out a few great styles and how to do them with this article. 
  • Eat right. One of the best winter hair tips is to make sure you eat right. The outside is a reflection of the inside! If you aren’t getting the right nutrients, your hair will never look its best no matter what products you use. Make sure you get plenty of protein, vitamins A and E, and fatty acids to keep your hair healthy. You can find these helpful proteins and vitamin in spinach, eggs, salmon, and lentils. 
  • Drink water! If you are dehydrated, your hair is dehydrated. Drinking lots of water doesn’t get as much focus in the winter months, but that H20 is still your friend!

Good hair care is a year-round adventure. With these winter hair tips, keep those strands beautiful into the new year and beyond!

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