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Curly Nikki

Look Who’s Talking! (and life updates)

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)
My babies (Gia on the left) at about the same age!

Hola Chicas,

Baby Max is already two months old! And in addition to sleeping alllll the whole night (!) and being really, really, ridiculously adorable, apparently he’s a #BabyGenius–

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The view–
Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)
Max is so Kanye with the paparazzi #StayMuggin

I had my 6 week post-natal appointment– the one that frees you to resume relations and commence operation #snapback. Well, not only was I cleared as ‘healthy as hell’ after my post-natal pre-eclampsia scare, but I also weighed in at just 5 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight! This was with absolutely no exercise or dieting, just eating deliciously (like seriously everything, I’m hungry, y’all) in moderation and taking up the role as milk factory… although I’m attributing my newly acquired Michelle Obama arms to carrying Max in that car seat all around town. I plan to resume a little cardio (stationary bike) and do some much needed toning! 

Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)
My bookworm 

Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)
Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)
Oct 2016 / April 2017
This is my first twist out in 6 mos! I rocked blow outs for ease of styling (too busy making a new human for night maintenance or once weekly re-styling) and would rock knot-outs for texture. This (the April 2017 snap) is 3 day hair. I originally styled using Jane Carter’s new moisturizing cream and Mane Choice’s Biotin gel on soaking wet hair. I created 10 twists and allowed them to dry over night. Every night since, I’ve pulled the back section down into two low pony tails using claw clips, and the front section forward into a loose pineapple using a claw clip. The claw clips don’t pull your curls straight and don’t leave an indent. I’m itching for another cut tho… thinking about letting @shirleyghautehair at this mane next week! #BobLife 

Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)

Look Who's Talking! (and life updates)

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