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5 Tips on Detangling Hair After A Workout

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
5 Tips on Detangling Hair After A Workout

by Mary Wolff

Exercise is a necessary evil. We all know hitting the gym on a regular basis has health benefits that make it worth the effort, but for some curlies it has one particular downside that can be a pain to deal with. Tangles are a fact of life for lots of curlies after an intense workout session. Don’t ruin your post-workout endorphin rush by worrying about your strands! Here are a few of my favorite tips for detangling hair after a workout.

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1. Skip Washing 

This might seem like a no-no, but you really should skip the shampoo after your workout. If you are already on a washing schedule that works for you, adding extra washes can throw your scalp and strands off balance. Shampooing your hair may lead to more tangles so skip that step!

2. Co-wash Only

While I personally don’t use shampoo after a tough workout, I will use my favorite conditioner to get those pesky tangles under control. If you are going to jump in the shower after a workout, adding some extra moisture and conditioning power to your strands is crucial to detangling hair after a workout. Detangling in the shower with conditioner in your strands is actually one of the easiest ways to take on those tangles!

3. Use a Leave-in 

This tip is absolutely essential if you are choosing to skip the co-wash step. You should never work through tangles on completely dry hair because it leaves your strands vulnerable to breakage. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner after a workout to get rid of tangles. Use a spray bottle with water to prep your hair, and gently comb the tangles from top to bottom.

4. Prevent the Tangles

When it comes to dealing with tangles the best bet is to try not to get them in the first place! My top method for avoiding tangles caused by my workout routine is to keep those curls pulled back. If you are rocking a protective style, tangles won’t be a concern for you. If your locks are loose, simply pull them back into a high bun or pony to keep things in line.

5. Schedule Detangling 

This tip might sound a little strange, but if you are working out before work to get it out of the way, you need to plan the post workout detangling time into your allotted time for the gym. If you don’t account for how long detangling will take, you end up rushing through it to get to work on time and this will lead to more breakage and strand loss because you aren’t giving yourself enough time. Get to the gym ten minutes earlier to make sure you get that extra time to give your curls the care they deserve.

When it comes to dealing with tangles at the gym, the same rules apply as when detangling at home. Use care and be gentle with your curls for the best results!

Share what works best for you in the comments!

One Comment

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