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Black Scientists Create Hair Care Line Specifically For Black Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Black Scientists Create Hair Care Line Specifically For Black Hair
Photo Credit: Asiyami Gold

To believe the hype, or not to believe the hype. That is the question.

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Recently Pantene has been pushing their new Pantene Gold Series Line harder than Shonda Rhimes at an Interracial dating convention. Their ads have been popping up all over unsuspecting Facebook and Instagram feeds, and most recently, a high fashion television spot has been making the rounds as well.

Their pitch is that this is a line specifically created for Black women, by Black Scientists (a group composed primarily of black women.) Gold Series labels promote moisture retention, creamy, paraben free lathers, and easy detangling.

But do the new culture conscious products live up to their gilded hype?

Luckily, YouTube is a sister needs these days to make an educated purchase. The verdict is in, and the reviews, while mixed, mostly offer the hair care line plenty of praise.

All in all, most reviewers, both new and old, popular and unknown, like the series. Their most popular product by far is the shampoo, which seems to have the collective community shook. It’s paraben free, but still contains sulfates (hence the rich lather) but amazingly, doesn’t strip the hair shaft, the way many mainstream products do. I think half the surprise is that Pantene did this shampoo right (because girl, you weren’t the only one buying AsIAm in the same batch… just in case!).

Many are complimentary of the shampoos, but at least one reviewer, whose opinion is likely less biased (viewer count is not as high as others, this ain’t no sponsor situation) honestly admitted that there are probably better conditioners out there. Also, considering the density, and moisture requirements that black hair requires, she also pointed out that, while the shampoo is efficient enough to last a while, the conditioner will likely be used up after a few wash days, making the price point a big consideration.

Black Scientists Create Hair Care Line Specifically For Black Hair

Now, of course, there are the more popular YouTube hair gurus most of whom are fans of the line itself. Without name dropping, I will say that many of them seem to be sponsored, which is neither here nor there but is important to consider. The BEST results overall seem to come from reviewers who used the line in its entirety. I noticed that people who used the products in conjunction with other products were less likely to enjoy the series.

Kudos to Pantene for giving visibility and credence to the black consumer base, which makes up an incredible part of the beauty and hair care industry. Their efforts should be commended, whether you use the Gold Series or not.

Have you bought the Pantene Gold Series? What did you think of the newest foray into black hair? Share this article, and comment below with your hair type, and your experience!
Black Scientists Create Hair Care Line Specifically For Black Hair
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