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5 Minute Hairstyles for Coily Hair

By September 22nd, 2021No Comments
5 Minute Hairstyles for Coily Hair
Pictured, Elle, co-founder of Natural Hair Daily

by Mary Wolff

When you’re in a rush, sometimes you just need a quick style. With these 5 minute hairstyles for coily hair, make sure you look good no matter how crunched for time! All of these styles are quick, easy to do, and best of all, beautiful.

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1. The Afro Puff
It would be hard to talk about the best 5-minute hairstyles for coily hair without this look. It is fast and easy, but also stylish! It lets you show off your natural texture without spending a lot of time on it before rushing out the door in the morning. Check it out here.

2. Side Swept Pompadour
The pompadour is fun because it lets you create volume on top without a lot of work. With the side-swept style, save time on working hair into a braid while still letting your coils feature in the style. It is the best of an updo and a down ‘do! See for yourself here.

3. Frohawk
This has been a favorite for type 4 hair for a while. It packs on the volume factor while giving you a semi-updo to keep hair out of the way. It’s perfect for the office or a big date. Find out how to create this version right here.

4. Triple Twisted Updo
For a quick look that brings all your hair into a braid, this look is a sleek option. It uses a large braid twist to create a style great for work or play. Find out how to create this style here.

5. Pump and Pony
Sometimes, you don’t want to pull your coils back into a ponytail because it creates a flatness to them. With this style, pump up the front and pull them into a high pony for a look that is anything but ordinary. See how to do it here.

6. Loose Curls
When you want a quick style that lets you leave most of your hair hanging loose, this one is perfect. It leaves most of your strands loose and free with a few pulled up on top in a pretty way for a look that is ready to help you take on the day in style. Find out more here.

Sometimes, life gets busy. Never sacrifice on style for your coils with these easy style inspirations!

Share your thoughts on these hairstyles in the comments. 

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