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Here’s What We Loved About Insecure Season 2, Episode 1

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Here's What We Loved About Insecure Season 2, Episode 1
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Okay y’all Season 2 Episode 1 happened hella fast, and gave us a lot of information a little at a time, so it’s time to recap!

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Season 2 picks up a few months after the Season 1 finale with the break-up and the hearty resigned cry on the bouch. This premier did something unusual and brilliant enough to deserve praise. Both Issa and her bff Molly, have ample screen time and story development, setting a definite tone for this season. The second season of Insecure is going to be about the growth of BOTH women, and more than likely a commentary on their friendship.

Issa’s story centers around her lost love with Lawrence. She wants him back and, HARD. In fact, every action she takes in episode 1, outside of work, is related to Lawrence. Her character has two motivations right now. 1: Getting Lawrence back or 2:Trying to get over him. She even fakes a party for him to stumble into after she invites him to pick up his mail, just to put on a front.

We can’t help but wonder if she actually misses Lawrence, or just the security? She’s lonely and that’s evident, but there’s lots of things from Season 1 (studio smash session aside) that may indicate that she was in love with the relationship and maybe not so much the man.

The way the episode ends lets us know that he misses her too, but the tension between the semi-estranged couple is as evident as the Carlo Rossi red on her carpet. Even though Lawrence is casually doing… i don’t know… SOMETHING with Big Booty bank teller, it’s clear she’s more into it than he is. He’s not over Issa, but he wants to be. I predict more unexpected reunions, but not necessarily a rekindling.

Molly’s story is particularly intriguing as most of her conflicts seem to focus on her coming up against stereotypes. Despite being realllll salty about the suggestion that she see a therapist, she goes to see one. Sadly, she ends up following a trend that is all to common in Black people when it comes to addressing mental health:The ultimate 360 deflection. She’s fine. Work is fine. Everything is fine. We’re hoping she opens up enough to take care of herself.

Then, we see Molly get her life all flipped turned upside down by white male supremacy. Despite her good standing in her firm, she accidentally discovers a coworker who has been there the same amount of time as her is making significantly more. How do we know it’s significant? Because Molly is really making this a huge ordeal. If it wasn’t a big difference, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Predictions are that by the end of the season, Molly is better at finding herself, even if that means losing some of the things she holds dear, like her confidence, her prolific career, or even a few important relationships. She’s hiding a sense of dissatisfaction with a smile and a check, but it’s all gonna come to the surface, and when it does, it’s gonna be a brand new ball game.

Did you catch the Season 2 Premier of Insecure? What were your thoughts? Predictions? Comment below with your predictions for what’s to come in the rest of Season 2.
Here's What We Loved About Insecure Season 2, Episode 1
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