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Curly Nikki

Nothing is Lost.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Nothing is Lost.

I was sitting in a Dominican restaurant with Max, waiting on my order, reading a book, when I saw feet approaching me.

 I looked up to find a man smiling at Max, he then smiled at me and slid a dollar into the stroller under Max’s leg and said, ‘To start his piggy bank! Beautiful baby boy!’ Super random, but nice gesture. I thanked him and he left the restaurant. Hubby came along and we walked the block or so back to our loft. When we got in, I picked Max up and saw the dollar. I began telling, Hubby @stillnupey ,the story as I unfolded the dollar and time stood still! It was an ‘A’ dollar (you know the letter on the left in the circle– sometimes ‘k’ or ‘h’ etc.). An ‘A’ dollar, y’all!!! The significance here is that my bestie, my angel, Grandma Maxine (who Max is named for) collected ‘A’ dollars for years. She made us collect them for her. It was her thing. I hadn’t seen one in FOREVER, like at least 10 years! It’s amazing how something so seemingly small and insignificant could mean so much. Nothing is lost. ‘The beautiful flower which has bloomed once, blooms forever’. Thank you, Gma.

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