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Curly Nikki

What Have I Been Assuming? (The remix)

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
What Have I Been Assuming? (The remix)
Asking all them questions! Expecting the unexpected…

The moment you discover and assume that your assumptions are constantly creating your life, you’ll swap out the struggly ones for empowering ones and FINALLY begin living your best life!  It’s that simple.  So how do you do it?

Remember, you don’t get what you want, you get what you expect. You can want a promotion all day, but unless you’re actually expecting it, it ain’t coming. A good example is your most recent order to Amazon. You’re totally expecting it, right? You can’t see your stuff or hold it right now, but you know it’s your stuff! It’s coming. It’s a done deal. No need for affirmations, vision boards or lengthy visualization sessions– you just assume it’s yours already. Contrast that with a long held desire that you’ve yet to manifest. What’s the felt difference? That’s the secret. That’s the bridge, y’all! Figure out the different feels for wanting something versus expecting or having something. And then assume the feels of having it already.  And then that thing or something better will appear in your world to reinforce the feels you assumed.  Get it?

So what are you expecting? What are you assuming right now? Still don’t know?

It’s not a mystery. If you want to know what you’re assuming about your finances, check out your last bank statement. Wanna know what you’re assuming about your self-worth, look at the state of your closest relationships. The world and other people (which is actually just more of ‘yourSELF’) are constantly telling you what you think of yourself. Your current assumptions are constantly on display, in living color, parading before you as your circumstances.

What Have I Been Assuming? (The remix)

If you’re not happy with things as they stand today, know that you can begin changing it, right here, right now (there’s no other time, anyway!). Write out what you must believe to be true for your current circumstances to be as they are. What must you believe to be true for you not to be able to afford a vacation this year? What must you believe to be true about yourself for love to keep eluding you? Ask yourself this question when ‘negative’ stuff pops up into your reality. Then ask yourself, ‘what would I rather see?’ Allow the answer to come (abundance, peace, freedom, etc). And you’ll immediately feel lighter, better and more at peace. These peaceful feels will bring about the change you want to see. All you have to do is start.  It will seem difficult until it isn’t. Remember, your assumption that ‘inner change is difficult’, is just that… an assumption.

Later Gators,

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