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5 Back to Campus Curly Girl Hairstyles

By September 22nd, 2021No Comments
5 Back to Campus Curly Girl Hairstyles

by Mary Wolff

For the college curly, life can get crazy hectic, and your hairstyles may become less varied until you find that new school year groove. When choosing back to campus curly girl hairstyles, you need options that are easy to do and won’t add stress to your tresses, but also look great. Turn heads this semester with these easy, stylish back to campus curly girl hairstyles.

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1. Braided Pony

This look is the perfect way to start your new school year. Whether you’re just starting college or returning for your senior year, this look lets you put your best style foot forward. It’s a classic style that is easy to achieve and maintain. See for yourself.

2. Flexirod Set

While this look is a little more involved, it gives a style you can extend for a few days. It’s perfect for a big date or when your hair confidence needs a little boost. Showing off your beautiful natural hair has never looked better! Here’s how to make this look work for you.

3. Fall Ready Twisted Updo

College can get hectic and you may need a few go-to protective styles you can rely on when life gets too crazy. This look is easy to do and keeps your strands protected. Perfect for finals week or just a sleek updo, this style is a great go-to for naturalistas. Here’s how to do it.

4. Topknot with Faux Bangs

When you want a hairstyle that offers a sleek, sophisticated vibe, this look has it all. It allows you to create bangs without having to cut your natural hair while also keeping hair put up. This look is great for a date night, a formal event, or just a regular day doing your usual campus thing. See for yourself how to create this style here.

5. Sleek High Puff

This look can literally be done in a matter of minutes making it perfect for those mornings when you oversleep or just don’t have the time to worry about your hair.  It’s a fun, easy style that lets you still look fresh even when you are clearly so over this semester. Find out how to pull this quick go-to together right here.

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