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Buzzfeed Actress Quinta Brunson Signs With ICM Partners

By October 4th, 2021No Comments
Buzzfeed Actress Quinta Brunson Signs With ICM Partners
Photo: Quinta Brunson’s Facebook
by Alma Hill

Meme queen Quinta Brunson (aka Quinta B) has been making moves for years as a social media influencer. Her viral videos quickly catapulted her career as a black female comedian, which was a rare occurrence at the time. Now, she’s one of the most recognizable faces on the net and was just named one of the Top 15 Rising Crossover Stars in Hollywood by the Hollywood Reporter.

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Now 27 years old, and a seasoned face in the world of digital media, Quita B has moved on up to the big leagues having just inked a contract with ICM Partners, a full-service talent and literary agency based in New York. This move comes at a very interesting time for the rising star, as the landscape of media distribution evolves as we speak. This generation is the first to consume the majority of their content through digital on demand services than any other age group. Our obsession with platforms like Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu are changing the way movies and television are crafted and creates new avenues for the stars that fill in these gaps.

Quinta B only has a four film and television credits, according to Despite this, her reputation as a comedic actress has been marked by her almost endless roster of online content, including Buzzfeed videos, Youtube Red Films, and a web series for go90. Besides acting in several of these projects, she has also written and produced a few of them, putting her in the upper echelon of content creators on the market right now.

Quinta herself seems to be excited about the move, and what this new step has in store for her career. Earlier this month she tweeted “Your girl is officially signed at ICM.”

The fans are clearly excited to bear witness to this young superstars growth. They responded the only way that would be appropriate: a slew of Quinta memes.





What do you think of this move in Quinta’s career? What do you hope to see for this Buzzfeed breakout star?
Buzzfeed Actress Quinta Brunson Signs With ICM Partners
Alma Hill is a freelance journalist, actress, and mother living in Orlando, FL. A frequent contributor to online and print media publications, she believes that the words from our mouths will change the world. Born in Charlotte, NC, she’s a millennial with an old soul who appreciates a good meme as much as a Miles Davis album. Brave souls can follow her on Twitter @_mynameissoul,but you have been warned. 

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