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Season 7 Finale of ‘Suits’ to Introduce New Spinoff Series Starring Gina Torres

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Season 7 Finale of 'Suits' to Introduce New Spinoff Series Starring Gina Torres
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Several blogs have been whispering about the possibility of Gina Torres reviving her character Jessica Pearson from the long running USA drama Suits in her own independent spinoff. As of August 16th, it’s official!

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Torres’ character was an original cast member when the legal drama debuted on USA Network in 2011. The character, Jessica Pearson, left the show after the Season 6 finale to pursue a love interest in Chicago. According to Deadline, the offshoot, which, unlike the mothership series won’t be a legal drama but set in the world of Chicago politics.

When her character departed, Torres told USA Networks “Playing Jessica Pearson has been one of the greatest rides of my career. It isn’t often that an actress gets the opportunity to embody so rich a character.”

Now the network is using the Season 7 finale as a back door pilot episode to a new show to air on the network, with Pearson at the forefront.

Torres, who originally pitched the project to Universal Cable Productions, (the network behind suits) is ecstatic to begin filming.

“I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity and the level of confidence Bonnie Hammer, Jeff Wachtel and everyone at UCP have in me and the potential of this project,” Torres said in a statement to Deadline. “Can’t wait to get started!”

No release dates have been set yet, as the show is in the early stages of production, but this show is a hot ticket item!

Are you here for a show starring Pearson as she navigates the Windy City? Let us know what you think!
Season 7 Finale of 'Suits' to Introduce New Spinoff Series Starring Gina Torres
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