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Curly Nikki

Living for Naps.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Living for Naps.

It’s crazy how as a new mommy all over again, I live for the naps.  When I place that ticking time bomb in his crib, I can almost feel the peace wash over the house, if even for 30 minutes.

Living for Naps.

It’s in these calm respites that I can steal a shower, actually eat, read a chapter or sneak in these few sentences.  Sadly, many live their lives this way… in that week of vacation, or on their lunch break, or on that too short weekend. It becomes a cycle of looking past this present moment in anticipation of some ‘better’, more relaxing, one. But the future never comes, ‘cause it’s always now… and now… and now. And what you don’t already have now, you’ll never have.

The same peace that a Sunday morning offers can be found in the whirlwind of action and responsibility that a Monday morning brings. God is equally present on Sunday and Monday. You just have to look a little harder, but it’s always there, waiting for you to come home. And once you begin to practice this presence and become more consciously aware of this always-on, always-here peace, you’ll see that each and every moment is perfect and as it should be—even the ones where baby has pooped up his back. God is there, too.

Your other self,

What future moment have you been waiting on? Can you find that excitement or peace that that moment promises, now? 

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