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Curly Nikki

Get Thicker Looking Natural Hair, Today!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Get Thicker Looking Natural Hair, Today!
Hola Chica!
I’m rocking my first twist-out (no rollers) since April ’17! I created 20 chunky twists using Ouidad’s Featherlight Styling Cream (gifted) and secured the roots with bobby pins.  I twisted the crown section going toward my face for volume and natural hangage. To get BIG, uniform, fluffy results I have to remember to do 3 things:

1. Twist hair that’s 80-90% dry.  As soon as I hop out of the shower, I tie up my clean, wet, detangled, naked hair using a t-shirt. This soaks up the excess moisture without roughing up the cuticle. It’s important for the hair to be product-free at this point.  After about 15 minutes, I remove the t-shirt to find hair that’s about 75% dry. I let it air dry a little more and only then do I begin the styling process.

2. Use product sparingly. I apply product to each small section just prior to two-strand twisting.  I use about a dime size amount for each twist.  Any more than that and the product could flake or weigh my hair down.  It’s important for this step to be working with a product that goes on smooth (like a slippery leave-in or cream) versus rough (think drier and/or thicker butters), since you’re working with barely damp hair.  You want it to add slip to your hair to make it easier to keep it detangled for the style.

Get Thicker Looking Natural Hair, Today!
3. Release the twists while the hair is 95% damp.  Goes against everything you know and love, but it works!  If I release my twists just before they get the chance to dry 100%, I get fluffier results.  I just release them without further separating or fluffing as to not cause frizz. Then, after my hair is totally dry, I fluff, pick the roots and style.  When I allow my hair to fully dry in the twists, or worse, wait to release the twists on day 2, my twist-out is limp and sad. Doing it this way, there is barely any scalpiness to fluff away! 
Your other self,

p.s. I like the Featherlight Styling Cream!  It’s humid here in D.C. and it definitely hasn’t held up to the anti-humidity claim, but the light and effective hold + the shine + the slippery consistency means I’ll probably be using it regularly this Fall and will more than likely repurchase.  

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