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Curly Nikki

The Secret to Powerful Prayer

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Secret to Powerful Prayer

“You can’t ask the sun to shine because the sun is shining; but you can bring yourself into that sunshine. Once you bring yourself into that sunshine, you don’t have to ask for qualities of sun, whether it’s sun tan or whether it’s warmth. Automatically being embodied or included in that sunshine, all that the sun is acts upon and through our being. 

In the same way, then, to entertain a sense of separation from God is to deprive one’s self of all the blessing, benediction, activity, presence and power of God. To come consciously into the awareness, the actual feeling, realization, click of God’s presence is automatically to bring that presence and power into our experience. And so you see why you must rise above the sea of thought because thinking won’t make this so. You must rise above the sea of thought into an actual consciousness, an actual awareness, an actual feeling of God’s presence. Then all things are added.

In the Western world, it is considered right to pray or do mental work for things, conditions, circumstances, and, to me, that would be very much like sitting here (in this room) and praying for sun tan or sun warmth. And I would sit here forever and forever and forever, and I would not have them. Why? Because there is no such thing as the warmth of the sun or the sun tan separate and apart from the sun itself. So if I only will stop praying long enough for warmth and tan and get out in the sun, I’ll have the warmth and I’ll have the tan without asking for them. They’ll be there of their own accord.  –Joel Goldsmith

I hope this analogy is as powerful for you as it was for me when I first read it! I came upon it years ago and have re-visited it at least once a week ever since (it’s another note in my iPhone, lol). If you make THE PRESENCE primary, like nothing else matters, you won’t have to pray and ask and plead… the stuff you think you want will show up effortlessly as a result of your conscious awareness of your SELF.  You won’t even worry anymore, because as soon as you feel that inner peace (which is always present no matter the circumstances), you’ll know that everything is straight!  Stay single-minded. You got this.

Your other self,

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