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Curly Nikki

Today is YOUR Day.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Today is YOUR Day.

Right now, as you read these words, you are imagining your limitations. You forgot that you are just pretending to be ‘too shy’, ‘not ready yet’, ‘not smart enough’, ‘not witty enough’, ‘not free’, ‘not love-able’, ‘unworthy’, ‘lacking’.

You’ve practiced this life (which has become like groundhog’s day— repeating the same ish, the same thoughts, incessantly), this way of being, for so long, that you believe it’s you. It’s not! And just like you created this experience for yourself, you can create another one. The secret is that you don’t go to work changing or fixing this current version of your imagined self. You don’t ‘become’ a better version. You just BE a new one.

Ask yourself this question- ‘How would you feel if you were free, right now?’* or ‘How would you feel if you could have, do, or be everything you want, right now?!’ That excitement that you feel in your chest that causes that smile to ripple across your face, that light you feel on the inside… THAT’S THE REAL YOU! Be HER now! Walk in these elevated #Godfeels for the rest of the day. Respond to emails as her, talk to your associates as her, check your feed as her, pay the bills as her, interact with your spouse and kids as her. Be her now and the world will catch up. This is the only way.

* #NevilleGoddard #AtYourCommand

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