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Curly Nikki

How to Instantly Level Up.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Instantly Level Up.

The instant you consciously choose to shift from feeling like yourself to feeling like yourSELF, your whole life trajectory changes. You level up.

Let’s do it together, right now. Notice your breath. In. Out. Nice! Smile, ? BIGGER ? Now, listen for the silence. Keep smiling. Don’t think about it, just listen. Cock that left ear and listen for the silence that’s under all the thoughts. Listen like you’re listening to see if you hear the baby stirring in the other room. Listen like it’s after 1am and you’re waiting to see when Bae is gonna try to creep in after a night out. Listen to the silence and the space that allows all the other noises to be. Listen for the silence, listen to the space— it’s in you and all around you. That’s where the joy is. And you’re feeling it now— subtly, in your chest as you stay aware of your smile. You feel the peace, the joy in the silence as you breathe in and out. It’s getting stronger. You’re breathing in the joy. You feel the joy as the silence. That joy you’re feeling right now, it’s always here! It’s you. This is HER. You’re being HER, now.


And when you’re being HER, you ‘die to your past’ (your thoughts were the only thing keeping it alive, anyway) and your future, once predictable, is now teeming with endless possibilities. You notice that you’re thinking her empowering thoughts, feeling her feels, living her confidence. If you stay here longer you’ll be taking her actions— responding to her life situations. And if you make being HER (aka feeling go(o)d)) a habit, the ‘out there’, will begin reflecting HER beliefs, her world, back to you. You are now living HER life, your true potential. You are being fully yourSELF for the first time. Welcome home.

Smile, girl. You’re getting this. Smile. Shift. Stay. Like nothing else matters.

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